UK's New Car Output is on the Rise - Just British
The output of new cars from the UK’s automotive plants hit an eight-year high in May, with more than 140,000 units produced. A total of 141,146 cars were manufactured in May, which is the highest monthly output since 2004. It is a substantial 42.2 per cent increase over the number of cars produced in May 2011, although last year’s figures were depressed due to supply issues caused by the Japanese tsunami. Of the 141,146 cars, 120,120 are destined for export markets and 21,026 for domestic sale. Paul Everitt, boss of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said: “Car manufacturing in May hit the highest level of output since 2004, a sizeable recovery against volumes hampered by last year’s Japanese tsunami. “This boost, coupled with robust year-to-date results, demonstrates the strength of UK automotive manufacturing and shows why it continues [...]