Jaguar XF - Just British
With the launch of the XF sedan and the deletion of the S-Type and X-Type from its U.S. lineup, Jaguar now offers cars in America powered only by V8 engines. The XF’s hard points come from the S-Type, which it replaces. But Jaguar is using the V8 engines, suspension, subframes, six-speed transmission, propeller shaft and differential from the upmarket XJ sedan and XK sports car. Despite all the parts scrounging, the XF has little in common with the rest of the Jaguar lineup or its predecessor. This could be the car that carries Jaguar into the modern age and out of the wood-and-leather ghetto. The basics: The wheelbase is the same as the S-Type, but the XF is longer and skinnier. Unlike the elegant aluminum structure of the XJ and XK, the XF has a steel shell. The 4.2-liter V8 [...]