Southwest Idaho All British Field Meet - Just British
CELEBRATE 50! That’s right. At SWIABFM 2018, we will highlight 50 years for two British cars manufactured in 1968. The Triumph TR-250 debuted to the American market as the transition from the TR-4 to the new TR-6. With only one year in production, the TR-250 is on the wish list for most Triumph owners and others. Our other celebrity guest is the Morgan Plus 8, introduced to the world in 1968 and still in production today (with a brief break from 2004 to 2012). If you have a TR-250 or a Morgan Plus 8, I encourage you to join us and tell your story. But SWIABFM is more than these two marques! All British vehicles are welcome to join us for our “Two Great Events and One Awesome British Weekend.” The weekend starts in the Idaho mountain town of [...]