MG Vintage Racers At New Jersey Motorsports Park - Just British
The MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) have selected the Vintage Racer Group’s (VRG) “Historic Races” at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) the weekend of September 15-17 as their “Focus Event” for 2017. MGVR encourages all MG racers (and spectators) to attend this special event, where a large turnout of MGs will be racing! The tentative schedule calls for a weekend of vintage car racing – including two “All-MG Races”. Non-racing activities include: Thursday evening’s MGVR “Meet and Greet” social at “MGVR Central” in the paddock; a Saturday evening “Craft Beer Tasting” at the Millville Army Air Field Museum located adjacent to the track (Interesting museum!); followed by a VRG “BBQ Feast” at the museum. NJMP has two tracks – “Lightning” and “Thunder”. This weekend its other track will be featuring NASCAR’s “Pro-Series East” race event. (Two Race events for one [...]