British Car Day at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix - Just British
One of the highlights of Grand Prix Race Weekend in Schenley Park is British Car Day, sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association (WPTA). It features over 500 of England’s best sport and luxury automobiles. 2017 will mark the 37th year of this great event and the 31st year that it has taken place in conjunction with the PVGP in Schenley Park. During that time the WPTA has raised $144,000 for the Grand Prix charities! Located in the middle of the golf course it is the anchor of our International Car Show. British Car Day is the largest annual British-only car show in Pennsylvania whose proceeds have always been contributed to charity. The WPTA’s British Car Day was first held at Hartwood Acres from 1981 to 1986. In joining the Grand Prix in 1987, an immediate synergy was evident. That relationship has continued [...]