Does Jaguar Face Extinction? - Just British
Ford is on the verge of selling Jaguar to Indian company Tata after failing to see a return on its investment after nearly 20 years. What caused the British luxury car maker’s decline? When the Ford Motor Company acquired Jaguar in 1989, the American giant was aiming for a slice of the lucrative European luxury-car business – with ambitions to snatch sales from the dominant Germans. Nearly 20 years later, however, Jaguar has yet to post a profit, its sales continue to shrink, and the British brand is about to be offloaded to giant Indian company Tata. Jaguar has been the weakest link in Ford’s luxury division, the Premier Automotive Group, which includes Land Rover and Volvo. At the heart of both Jaguar’s ambitions and problems has been the X-Type, the company’s entry-level, mid-sized rival for the likes of the [...]