今日は、ニュースから英語を学ぶ金曜日に配信したかった記事です。 色々な誘因がある。 【今日のチョコっと英語】 『誘因』に関する英語 ーThat can be an attractive effect. (あれは誘因効果になりうる) 今日取り上げるのは、こちら! 『スクリーンを見る時間を制限することは子どもたちの心臓を守る?!』です。 Limit screen time to protect your child's heart, American Heart Association says/CNN/Aug 7,2018 より抜粋 (CNN)Parents, there's yet another reason to limit screen time for your kids: It could contribute to future heart disease. The latest advice comes from the American Heart Association, and reinforces existing recommendations to limit screen time for children and teens to no more than one to two hours a day. "Screen time is associated with being overweight and obese which is associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure," said pediatric cardiologist Dr. Stephen Daniels, a spokesman for the American Heart Association. "Once those risk factors, such as obesity, are in play in childhood, they tend to continue into adulthood." Dr. David Hill, chairman of the Council on