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Even the same thing, it may look different form if you change the viewing angle. You as well. Your appearance as seen by others may be far from "yourself" you perceive. [ip5_heading type="h1" style="subheader--large" title="●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 25" ] [ip5_ornament design="bg-deco-marker-p" width=""] You born February 25 have extraordinary talent but it is not for yourself that your potential is fully demonstrated when you do your best for something big purpose . You are a great confidence and pride, but in most cases you believe that universal goals are far more meaningful than personal ones. Also intuitively you know that your strength will become stronger by having high goals. It is not uncommon for you to collide with people around you, and criticism of the existence that is regarded as a social system or authority is likely. You think that society is constantly changing and confusing, and there is no need to preserve without any doubt. You may