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Quick Telephone Consultation (QTC) We pride ourselves not only on the matters we have handled but more importantly, on the outcomes we have achieved for our clients. Need to speak to a lawyer urgently? Call us on 08 89418229 We are a boutique Darwin law firm providing a high standard of legal services within our wide areas of practice to enable you to achieve your goals and successfully resolve your legal issues. We specialize in commercial, civil, migration, family, personal injuries compensation and criminal law and litigation. Our clients come to us through different ways and means but mainly through recommendations. They come from diverse backgrounds, sectors and industries and with different means, capabilities and support. Our clients have included multi-national companies, government business enterprises, Aboriginal Corporations, an award winning film producer, small business owners, buyers, sellers, financial lenders, borrowers, construction companies, farmers, developers, trust companies, employers, employees, victims, perpetrators and individuals of various means, notoriety and reputation. Whoever they are, if we act for them, their story becomes our position, their aim becomes our focus, their goal becomes our achievement. Call us to make a Telephone Appointment on 08 89418229 or