Caravan Hacks - Picture Rail Hooks | JOHN BEARDON
Are you lacking in places to hang stuff in your caravan or camper? Picture rail (or moulding) hooks may just be the solution you are looking for. No matter the make, model or specification of a caravan/camper, living with your chosen home on wheels will, over time, will undoubtedly reveal some shortcomings in design or usability. In our 2006 Abbey Vogue 460, the one thing majorly lacking was anywhere to hang things. Towels in the bathroom, tea-towels near the main sink etc, etc. Not wanting to drill holes in doors or panels (the folded cardboard/laminate sandwich is hardly a secure fixing point anyway), we tried using all sorts of temporary solutions such as suction cup and self adhesive hooks. All failed to ‘hold up’ for any length of time and the self adhesive examples left a load of tacky mess in their wake. I had investigated the type of over door hook sold in many hardware stores but they were just too big, designed for a standard door that’s 50mm plus thick, not the 12mm or so that constitutes a caravan cupboard door. So, when wandering around B&Q, after yet another suction cup hook had thrown itself on the floor, I had one of those ‘I wonder if’ moments and picked up a couple picture rail hooks. I suspect that younger readers or those who have only lived in houses built after the 1960’s won’t even know what a picture rail hook is! Suffice to say that just about every ... Read more