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Posted by Izanna Levintova on July 31st 2018 As the June 1018 SAT scores rolled in on July 11th, countless students sat there staring at the computer screen, frantically scrolling through the details of their score reports and wondering what went wrong. It is well known that this standardized exam is graded on, what the college board refers to as, an "equating" scale or more universally known as a "curve." For those unfamiliar with what a "curve" or "equating scale" is, let's take a look at a particular scenario. Picture yourself inside a classroom with the teacher in the front of the class slowly and methodically walking around the room, handing back the exam grades from a test you took last week. When she finally comes around to you, she says with a smile on her face, "Good job!" and hands you an exam grade of a 45! At first you think that this is somehow a cruel and manipulative joke by this unseemly instructor and you have a piece of mind to tell her exactly what you think of her