Memberships And Podcasts And Fade To Black Oh My!!! | Jimmy Church Radio
Memberships And Podcasts And Fade To Black Oh My!!! Since YouTube decided to be stupid and Jimmy is no longer able to use YouTube as a viable platform, Fadernauts have been writing to me asking about the membership's, the podcast, and how to download archives. Today I'm going to attempt to de-mystify all this, make it a little more clear, and hopefully provide some clear answers. I always try and maintain a half-way decent FAQ page that attempts to answer some common questions about memberships and the website. You can always find that here: . So if I don't answer your question here, try there next. How do I listen to the show? You have an option of the live show or archives. Live Show: The live show will always be free and no membership will ever be needed. There is a Spreaker widget on the home page, and you can also visit Jimmy's Spreaker page. Live shows almost always broadcast Monday through Thursday at