J.Fae House Seasoning - Jillian Fae Chef Services
People say I should sell my house seasoning. One said the slogan should be, “Put that shit on everything!” I’m not convinced it would sell and that market is pretty saturated already anyway. Plus, it actually has very simple ingredients. My friends and family keep asking for it and I’m happy to give them refills, but I thought I would share the recipe for those too far away or that would rather just make it themselves and have a lot of it. Also, I do use it in a lot of my recipes so it’ll be good to have it posted somewhere to refer people too. It’s great on meats and vegetables and an awesome seasoning for chili and Mexican dishes as it is heavy on the cumin and chili powder. It’s also low in salt so you can adjust the seasoning in whatever you are making accordingly. The recipe is for a BIG batch. Like I said, I use it A LOT and give it away often. So, just do a little math and scale it down or just simply use it as a guideline. Stay Hungry. Learn. Create. Inspire. Cheers! J.Fae House Seasoning 2 C Cumin 2 C Chili Powder 1 ½ C Granulated Garlic 1 C Granulated Onion 1 C Dried Oregano 1 C Black Pepper 1 C Salt ¼ C Dry Mustard ¼ C Celery Salt 4 T Cayenne Mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container.