Megan Crane: Falling in love with the Rodeo
Readers, you need no introduction to this guest author…my bud Megan Crane. We’ve shared editors, publishers, an agent, and noone knows me better. Welcome back, Megan! ~~ I was born in Texas, which means the rodeo should have been in my blood. (At least that’s what I think it means. Shhhh.) Unfortunately, I spent only days in the land of my birth before being whisked away to New York, where rodeos were things I read about in my beloved romance novels and never part of my life at all. Until Jane. Jane has been the gateway drug to a lot of marvelous things in my life. Trips to Hawaii, Italy, Montana. Fantastic new books to read and write. And one … Continue reading Megan Crane: Falling in love with the Rodeo →