BSD Family Tree Reposted
I needed to cite (informally, in a Facebook conversation) a footnote I had written 15-16 years ago in DaemonNews, an old publication dedicated to the BSD family of operating systems. DN is no longer available, it seems. And that's frustrating, because the article I had written, "The BSD Family Tree" is actually a pretty good resource on how the BSD-derived systems were interrelated. So I have put a copy up for anyone interested. Also, it turns out the footnote didn't say what I remembered it saying. So what I needed it to say was, NeXTSTEP is capitalized, variable, as NeXTstep, NeXTStep, NEXTSTEP, and even OpenStep. Well, I am sure I told that joke somewhere before. Image by Eraserhead1, Infinity0, and Sav__vas / Mediawiki.