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Gold, Platinum and Silver Scrap Jewelry This could be old broken, and/or very used jewelry. It could be a single gold hoop earring. It could be a chain or necklace that is twisted or kinked. A bracelet with a clasp that no longer works. It could be a ring with a missing stone that is not worth replacing. Anything that happens to be at the bottom of your jewelry box that is just sitting there doing nothing. Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry that You "Don't Wear or Use" Sometimes what you liked at one point in your life (years before), you may no longer like in present time. It could be as simple as your style and taste has change. It could be that the jewelry is dated in its style and design. An example of this is the Omega necklace. Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry that Was "Given to You" Something you received as a teenager. A gift from an old past relationship. An engagement ring that didn't work out. It could be a ring from your Aunt Ida that you know you will never wear, or it