Hashem's Redux
Spices, spices, everywhere Making their own non-alcohol extracts New candies Feed your sweet tooth Dried mango, rooibos tea, dakkah, and Egyptian black honey (molasses) "Bridging All Culture Through Good Food" Is there any doubt why Adam has become a good friend? "Keeping Tradition Alive for Future Generations" A noble goal! Royal honey, with organic figs, walnuts, and cinnamon. Imagine the flavor! Honey with huge cloves of garlic. Adam tells me 1 spoonful in the morning will take care of most colds. Two types of Dakkah Two kinds of Kri kri, shelled pistachios Hashem's has started importing their own house-brand kri kri. The spicy bbq is an addictive snack. Buy 'em by the pound! Look at the low prices.