Open Letter to Eritrea’s President Isaias Aferwerki from African Activist MP3/MP4 Download — iwonpopular
PROMOTE / MONETIZE YOUR SONG NOW WHATSAPP 08157053556 Over 100 African activists and academics sign open letter to Eritrean head of state Over 100 leading African journalists, democracy and human rights advocates from 52 out of 54 African countries have signed an open letter written to Eritrea’s head of state, President Isaias Aferwerki. The letter which was released on Monday 10th June 2019, requests of the head of state an opportunity to visit their colleagues incarcerated in Eritrea due to the hostile climate that has prevailed in Eritrea especially for journalists, oppositionists, human rights activists and the proponents of democracy. The group also stated that, Eritreans have been incarcerated for political reasons in part creating a climate of fear that has led to considerable migration out of the proud country. The group of advocates is also expecting that president to take the same bold step taken to normalize relations with Ethiopia on this issue as it would go a long way towards ending Eritrea’s isolation from the larger African family and could help usher her in a new era of prosperity and freedom for your people. Below is the open letter copied to the press. Monday, 10th June 2019 DEAR [...]