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PROMOTE / MONETIZE YOUR SONG NOW WHATSAPP 08157053556 CULINARY FINESSE AT THE INTERNATIONAL DRINKS FESTIVAL 2018 Food, beverage and liquor pairings are widely acknowledged as art. It is also quite relative in preference as some foods align better with certain types of drinks for certain folks. Traditionally, especially in our part of the world, food and drink pairings have not generated a lot of discussions but with the advent of modernization and increasing health concerns, attention has been drawn to knowing the right food that pairs with drinks and beverages as well as their benefits. At the International Drinks Festival 2018, scheduled to hold at the prestigious Federal Palace Hotel from 29th November to 2nd December, culinary experts will be taking attendees through master classes on various ways and processes of drinks infusion in food, the kinds of food that go best with wines, beers, spirits, beverages and drinks in general. Guests will enjoy indigenous and intercontinental food and drinks combinations, new drink-infused recipes and learn how to create fine dining experiences in their homes. Culinary experts expected at the event include; Chef Benedict, Chef Eros, Chef Fregs Chef Yeide and a host of food bloggers and enthusiasts. These experts are renowned [...]