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PROMOTE / MONETIZE YOUR SONG NOW WHATSAPP 08157053556 Though many people sing, only few are really gifted in music creation. There are people who sing just because they have a passion for music or just for pecuniary gains and yet, there are those who sing because they are gifted and passionate about music or just plainly destined to sing. What’s the difference? The difference may not reflect in their financial status, but it would reflect in their uniqueness, consistency and longevity. Those not gifted will give up and fade away when they encounter storms that come with the gift of music, while those destined to sing will spread their wings and fly above the storm. Those who are just passionate will write songs that appeal to the body of the listener, while those gifted will write songs that touch the soul of the listener. A gifted singer’s voice is a world of treasure that will always move the listener to ecstasy or tears because the composition makes a profound connection with the heart and soul of the listener. People that are gifted in music don’t have to go into séance to be inspired; they sing and compose freely any day, [...]