How to Prepare Yourself for IVF Treatment
Many women never suspect that it will be difficult to become pregnant or stay pregnant until it happens to them. And it only highlights the difficulties the longer it takes. Unlike other serious life problems - being bullied, losing a loved one, teenage acne – you know that time can make things better. Not so with getting pregnant. If you are trying IVF for the first - or even the tenth - time, here are a handful of ways to help you get prepared. Read on to learn more. Don't Change Anything The month of your IVF will be stressful, so try to keep your life as normal as possible. Keep your routine: go to your job every day, get some sleep, go shopping, exercise, do what you always do. The uncertainty of whether the IVF will work, along with all the fertility drugs, and, of course, the expense, can make life hard to manage. Keep everything else in your life as stress-free as you can and don't try to change anything right now. Change Everything You wouldn't