Belle Noire Interview - Pornstar Interviews
"I get really pervy and so turned on that people jerk off to me. In a scene, you usually start out with a little tease, a little masturbation and then the guy comes in. It is at that point I forget about everything and look into camera lens. I see this audience of people touching themselves, looking at me and I have to make every single move perfect, sensual and sexy so they can get off. I get so turned on by that. At the same time, there are all these people in the room too. So that’s even more live interaction for me. And when the guy comes into the scene and his penis comes out, I just see it and think, “That’s for me! That’s for me!” (laughs) And everyone gets to see it! Then it’s in my face all of a sudden and I get excited and happy. All these people are wishing it was their cock right now and I’m going to show them what I would do with it. I get so turned on while giving the best head and just before we have sex I get so excited I can cum instantly even before I’m even touched! I love my pussy teased. Multiple external and internal orgasm city over here! If someone puts their dick in me for a second and I don’t move at all, I can just explode. I’m like “Oh my goodness there’s a penis in me!” It is so much fun."