Overcoming Depression Quotes That Explain What Depression Is Like | Inspirational Quotes
Overcoming Depression Quotes What is depression? People think of depression as an evil spirit that resides within a person and eats him/her from inside. The very extent and the nature of depression is that it makes the person feel alone and ripped apart from the world. Every extent of our reality is shredded into pieces, and all we can think of is the endless struggle that lies ahead. While most of us think of depression as something that is malevolent and menacing to the core, there are others who portray it in a much broader perspective. Depression is not a sign of weakness, it means that you have been strong for far too long" – It is in these quotes that we find the reality of the depressive episodes. The bout of depression that you get every time you go through some downside in life, you just have to read these quotes. Remember that quotes are the sayings that are meant to energize you and give you a sneak