Porterness Studio - Happy Yarn-uary, May It Be Filed with Self Love! - Indie Untangled
Hello! We hope you’re keeping warm with yarn on your lap and tea in your cup. It’s cold outside so let us make it 20% warmer in your yarn heart. Use this 20% code only for Undie Untangled readers. Code: SelfLove20 Self-love is in the air with Porterenss Studio Shop Updates! One-of-a-kind Designs: Sterling Silver Shawl Pin – Hand Carved Eye with Red Coral In the Round Stitch Marker Necklace Triangle Stitch Marker Necklace Back In Stock: Devine Lines Shawl Pin Sterling Silver Stockinette Motif Stitch Markers Coming Soon: Crochet Hook Necklace Take care and have a lovely 2019 with your yarn stash!...Read on