M K Nance - 96 patterns and a Rhinebeck Class - Indie Untangled
I have just released my 96th pattern and will be teaching at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. One class is sold out, but my half-day shawl design class on Saturday still has open seats. Here is a taste of some of my more recent designs: The black and white hat and mitt pattern is Hard Rhime shown in White Birch Fiber Arts The grey and rainbow hat is Atmospheric Optics shown in Canon Hand Dyes The green gradient shawl is Veles in Three Fates The grey and blue shawl is Aonori in Periwinkle Sheep The purple gradient shawl is Tanner to Pacific in White Birch Fiber Arts The orange and lime shawl is Glass Floats in Blissful KnitsRead on