Daria Musk Interview - Live Marathon Interview - Part 1 -
Daria Musk and RAM seem to like to go long on many things. Fear not though, for while it may be possible to have too much of a good thing, that is not possible in this case. The last Google Hangout Concert went seven and a half hours. This "thirty minute" interview went about two and a half hours. ... I tried to keep as much of it as possible. Well, truth be told, I tried to keep as much as what RAM and Daria said and as little as possible of what DJ Angel, Jeff and I said. The night we streamed this live, I told Daria and RAM that I might split it into two or three parts, when I emailed Daria yesterday, I was thinking more like four or five... As I edit it today, I fear I may never leave the studio. There is just simply too much good stuff.