BIDS Resources Available: Tips, Guides, Best Practice and More!
Scotla d’s Improveme t Districts has produced a wide ra ge of resources a d opportu ities to i crease aware ess of Busi ess Improveme t Districts a d support those already worki g across Scotla d. We also host useful resources by third party orga isatio s. You ca search a d view our materials a d resources o our resources page via the followi g categories: About Improveme t Districts, Best Practice, CPD & Trai i g, Guides & Advice, a d Recomme ded Readi g. If you have a y case studies from your ow BID or recomme ded readi g you’d like to share with the wider Improveme t Districts commu ity, please get i touch via ewa @improveme You ca also check out our Eve ts page for upcomi g trai i g courses a d eve ts. [...]