Regeneration Plan for Nairn Wins National ‘Future Town’ Design Competition
A pla to revitalise the Highla d tow of Nair has bee voted by the public as wi er of the atio al ‘FutureTow ’ Desig Competitio . The pla was submitted by #TeamHamish, a commu ity orga isatio affiliated with Nair Improveme t Commu ity E terprise (NICE) a d which seeks to celebrate the legacy of Hamish Hey, who passed away i February 2017. Hamish’s pare ts stated o the applicatio that “the creatio of special commu ity spaces, places a d facilities for all ages a d abilities to e joy…would be a appropriate ‘Tha k You’ to the commu ity of Nair for their co ti ued support throughout Hamish’s ill ess”. The aim of the desig is also to i crease the attractive ess of the tow , situated o the orth coast east of I ver ess, as a tourist desti atio . The holistic desig [...]