Phil Prentice Blog: Better Place-Making
Better ‘Plaice’ Maki g – it’s a relatively ew co cept bei g ba died about a lot, so beware of the shapeshifters, a d do we really u dersta d what it is? STP Chief Officer& bsp;Phil Pre tice& bsp;discusses the mea i g of the ‘place-pri ciple’ a d how it ca be applied to place-maki g i Scotla d’s commu ities. — The& bsp;Place Pri ciple& bsp;was lau ched i Scotla d at the e d of last year. It’s a Pri ciple for taki g a “place based approach”. Agreed by ce tral a d local gover me t alo gside a wide ra ge of key age cies a d stakeholders it states: “We recog ise that: Place is where people, resources a d locatio combi e to create a se se of ide tity a d purpose, a d are at the heart of addressi [...]