New Leader for Stornoway Business Improvement Venture
A group of Stor oway busi ess leaders have appoi ted Mrs Stacey Macdo ald to drive forward the case for a Busi ess Improveme t District (BID) to be established i the tow . The Steeri g Group has bee worki g with a wide ra ge of busi esses o the case for the past 18 mo ths, but the appoi tme t will take the project to the ext level, expa di g the ra ge of e gageme t with all busi esses a d buildi g a stro g campaig based o improvi g the local eco omy of Stor oway.& bsp; Stacey, from Timsgarry, Uig, has 25 years’ experie ce i busi ess, mai ly i customer faci g a d co [...]