Linlithgow Businesses Vote to Create Pioneering ‘Whole Town’ Improvement District
O e Li lithgow’s Steeri g Group a d Scotla d’s Improveme t Districts welcome the result to create a whole-tow improveme t district for Li lithgow. Busi esses i Li lithgow have voted to create ‘O e Li lithgow’, a pio eeri g whole-tow improveme t district. This will replace the two existi g busi ess improveme t districts i the tow , with promoters stati g that the ew orga isatio will lead to better pooli g of resources a d greater be efits for the commu ity. The ballot result was a ou ced o 30th September, with 66% of busi esses which took part, represe ti g 60% of rateable value, givi g their support to the i itiative. [...]