Kirkwall Named Scotland’s Most Beautiful High Street
Kirkwall i the Ork ey Isla ds has bee amed Scotla d’s Most Beautiful High Street havi g topped a poll of the ge eral public.& bsp; Havi g received 21% of early 5,000 votes, Kirkwall faced off stiff competitio from Isla d tow eighbour, Lerwick, who secured 18% of the vote a d East Du barto shire tow , Milgav ie, who came i a close third o 15% of votes cast. The atio al competitio for Scotla d’s Most Beautiful High Street is ru by two of Scotla d’s most well k ow orga isatio s for place a d the e viro me t – Scotla d’s Tow s Part ership, the atio al body for tow s i Scotla d, a d Keep Scotla d Beautiful, the e viro [...]