Job Opportunity: Business Improvement District (BID) Manager, Discover Lanark
About Discover La ark BID Discover La ark is about more tha retail, it’s about embraci g all parts of the tow ’s eco omy. It’s about deliveri g be efits to all the tow ’s busi esses a d crucially, it’s about givi g busi esses of all sizes a u iformed voice. Rece tly, the La ark Busi ess commu ity backed a five-year BID. A BID is a i itiative where busi esses work i part ership with Local Authorities to develop their tow .& bsp; Discover La ark pla to use the levies paid plus gra ts a d other fu di g streams to support a umber of projects, i cludi g improvi g how La ark is prese ted to locals a d visitors, putti g successful busi [...]