Invite to Tender: Projects for Nairn Connects BID
Nair Busi ess Improveme t District (Nair BID) i vites applicatio s from suitably experie ced i dividuals a d compa ies to lead two importa t projects to improve Nair high street a d surrou di g areas. Visit ad at the Nair Co ects webpage here. Backgrou d Nair BID has over 280 busi ess members.& bsp; With a visio to ‘Defi e Nair ’s Future’ it is a collaborative orga isatio aimed at addi g value to Nair ’s eco omy. Through the co sultatio period prior to the formatio of Nair BID, feedback was give that Nair had a opportu ity to provide a improved welcome to visitors a d tourists by clea i g up the mai areas of i terests to visitors. Nair – The tow [...]