Clicks and Mortar by Amazon: Blog Post by STP Chair Leigh Sparks
A ew way to li k digital a d physical retail cha els? Leigh Sparks, Chair of Scotla d’s Tow s Part ership a d Professor of Retail Studies at the U iversity of Stirli g, gives his views o the ew ‘Clicks a d Mortar’ pop-up i itiative by Amazo . — Last Friday after oo I atte ded a lau ch of the ew& bsp;Amazo & bsp;i spired a d supported Clicks a d Mortar store i the& bsp;Waverley Mall, Edi burgh.& bsp; This is the third such store a d the first i Scotla d; te are pla ed i total over a year.& bsp; Someo e was ki d e ough to suggest I spoke a d this post has a little of what I [...]