Alloa Town Centre Fund Plans Approved
Clackma a shire Cou cil – A umber of projects to improve Alloa Tow Ce tre were agreed by Clackma a shire Cou cil last Thursday (22 August). The Scottish Gover me t awarded £683,000 to Clackma a shire as part of its Tow Ce tre Fu d, which supports cou cils to e sure that tow ce tres are more diverse, sustai able a d successful i the face of cha gi g a d evolvi g retails patter s. As part of o goi g co sultatio o Alloa Tow Ce tre i part ership with Alloa First, CTSI a d Architecture a d Desig Scotla d, five projects that are tra sformatio al a d importa t catalysts to further tra sformatio a [...]