Voices of Antiquity
Have you heard the voices of antiquity from Moses, of Gods laws to live by Have you heard the song of Solomon of love greater than man can conceive Have you heard the whispering sound of silence, spirit filling Elijah’s soul Have you heard the voice of wisdom crying out to us to hear her knowledge We have heard Gabriel’s angelic song to Mary in grace, of divinity to come We have heard John deep in the desert shouting out for us to make way a path We have heard Jesus at the sea of Galilee tell us truths of how to live in harmony We have heard a voice from heaven bringing loving peace into our hearts Let it’s love roll like distant thunder For we are all disciples voices for our Lord We have a contemporary Christian musician group at our church. In a conversation, I suggested I would think about a song about them. As I opened my Bible to find a voice that spoke to me it was like each page was shouting “here I am”. For further reflection – To hear God with the ears of our hearts, Lectio Divina