The Color of My Heart (Table of Contents)
Introduction to The Color of My Heart If Your Life You Live the Cross Hills of the North Rejoice Being A Catechist Shared Treasure Voices of Antiquity Distance to be Measured The Color of My Heart Their Quiet Company Sheet of Rain Through the Cracks Lava Lamp A Long Way From Yes Camels Gate Inbound How Different Can We Be A New Capacity Turbulence Prisons Crosses To What Am I Invited We Are All As One Harvest Right in Front of Me Soon so Very Soon Iron Man Joined With You Close Sunspots Rotation The Trail That I Follow At the Edge Nine Lives My Authenticity A Still More Excellent Way Jerry - Open Your Case Triduum - Pedilavium Triduum - Veneratio Triduum - Sabbatum Sanctum As I See It Upstream Forty Closing Thoughts