Chanterelles in The Garden (Table of Contents)
Introduction to Chanterelles in The Garden That’s Beautiful A Better Man Tears Towards the Horizon Fire in the Trees Dreamed Duet A Wall of Crystal Communion Holes Chanterelles in the Garden What Must I Do Herv Vek (Peace) Triune Fisherman Torrents A Thousand Graces Diffusing Jewel Inside A Lone Mosquito Into the Narrowness Christ Has Won The Machine Our Own Pentecost Seldom Wake Up World Angel in the Daylily Immersed Nourished One Step Closer God is Red Gravity Stained Glass Windows Abruptness In-Between Revelation Paul, You Called Me Lost in the Noise Love and Dust What a Dream I Had Foxtail Grass Memories Our Pace Has Quickened Guest at the Banquet Thrown into the Sea Closing Thoughts