Your Corps VS. My Core | iHateTheUSMC
My dearest readers, oh, beloved readers of mine... OOH, my dear bretheran. Let me approach you for a moment in solemn sincerity, not as a writer, nor a blogger. Nay, I am appealing to you today not as a brother or equal, or even a fellow human being... but as something more ominous and narcisistic. Consider me the echo of a voice from beyond the grave, as it were, a wailing and gnashing of teeth; today I am your Ghost of Christmas Future, and you are my Scrooge... for today, oh my little children, I speak to you not as a man, but as a U.S. Marine. YES! I know how it sounds. I can imagine your horrified gasps of horror, confusion, shock, horror, and even disgust. But this revelation must come my beloved worshipers. Some of you are youngsters or, even fairly oldsters, lacking direction and ambition in life. Maybe your father is pressuring you to "do something with your life" whatever that means, and he wants you to follow in his footsteps by selling yourself into