Website Offers Support To Disgruntled And Disillusioned Marines | iHateTheUSMC
Published in the October 13, 2013 issue. Most Marines first visit iHateTheUSMC.com after a bad day on the job. In fact, said site founder S--, the majority of first-time visitors stumble upon the site simply by typing "I hate the USMC" into Google's search bar. Once there, they can find other unhappy Marines to commiserate with or, perhaps, some help for whatever problem they're facing. "We have people coming on here who say they have issues with hazing, for example, and they want to know what they can do, or trouble where they aren't getting paid correctly," said site co-administrator Tyler Ewing. "They know there's a way to get it fixed, but they don't know how to get it fixed." S-- and Ewing are both Marine Corps veterans who identify with the the active-duty guys who visit their site. S--, 25, started the site shortly after he was discharged in 2010 after one term of service. He intended for it to become a low-key discussion board where Marines could complain or vent frustrations