US Marines: The Ultimate beta Males | iHateTheUSMC
This was adapted from a comment made by Idris While putting up with all the bullshit in the Corps I've been simultaneously learning about MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) and RedPill (choosing to learn the painful truth, as opposed to BluePill, which is embracing that the matrix is real). In the course of it I'd also learned about this outrageous culture of people choosing to like subordinate lives, and found message boards about how joining the military will "take the wimp out of a man," and make him strong and proud. I had to laugh at that, because it's complete bullshit. It's propaganda that the military wants to push on society so they think that all the welfare families on base, and the barracks full of idiots are stocked full with great men who will some day lead our nation. Maybe it was true for a time - up until the Korean War - but shit rolled downhill fast, especially in the USMC. We don't have strong honorable men leading anything. We have hyper-masculine jag-offs screaming