Update on my case – iHateDIs | iHateTheUSMC
Update on my case: I didn't want everyone to think I'd jumped ship. I am still around and reading the posts and stories...quietly observing. After my interview with the Lt. Colonel (2nd and Congressional Investigation) a couple of weeks ago, I requested and recieved BOTH investigation reports. Meaning the investigation that occurred while I was still on the island and the current one. I had already been informed by the LtCol during the current investigation that many/most of my fellow recruits (whom of course have now graduated), had either denied or minimized the abuse I reported. So I wasn't exactly blindsided with anything earth-shattering however, I still found it quite disappointing again. The good news is that many of the 'denials' are conflicting in themselves. Of course, the main offending DI adamantly denied he'd ever stuck anyone with anything OR used profanity whatsoever. Achem! Seriously? He claimed that in regards to the clipboard incident in the head that he might