Trying to take terminal | iHateTheUSMC
I've been in the Marines for over 5 years, 4 of those in the 'fleet', and did 3 deployments, 2 for the squadron I'm currently in. This week is suppose to be all about me checking out and getting ready to go on terminal in 4 days. Today my Ssgt tells me that terminal leave is a privilege not a guarantee (I know this already), and that he's thinking about canceling my Terminal because I failed a room inspection I wasn't even present for nor knew about. (Even then my room is always presentable, they failed me on dust and carpet not vacuumed). And he tells me a piece of shit that has never cared, nor will start to care so he's well in his right to cancel my terminal. Yet... I went out of my way to get a collateral billet to help our work center out, trained younger Marines to be better at their job, unlike other NCOs who sit on their ass and do nothing, and back in 2010 I go bumped to another squadron to go on a MEU, and once it was done I came back to this squadron because our work center