The Sand Castle Blues Part 3-Nonmilitary Miseducation | iHateTheUSMC
In the past two articles I touched on the dubious highlights of being a Knob at the Citadel, and how they haze and indoctrinate you to be a defender of the 4th class system and the Corps' values. But even granted that I would eventually make peace with the culture,I went to the Citadel expecting it to live up to the promise on the brochures; of being a focused military and academic program to build leaders. This is after all, what the academies and senior military colleges offer and how they sell it to prospective students. These schools sell themselves on not just a unique experience, but on giving you discipline that will help you in school and in service more than going to Podunk State. The busy, spartan rituals of cadet life are supposed to be more valuable than being free to manage your life as you see fit, and it's supposed to allow you to learn and practice good leadership. The small class size academics are touted as being highly ranked, and the first priority of student