The Sand Castle Blues, Part 2-4th Class Citizens | iHateTheUSMC
A key part of joining any manly organization, whether its the armed forces, a gang, a cult, or a frat is the initiation, and this is no different with the South Carolina Corps of Cadets (SCCC), which is a hybrid of all 4 of the aforementioned groups. Our initiation and training as cadets and college students is known officially as the 4th Class System, purpose described like so in the 4th Class Manual, aka the Red Book: "... to lay the foundation, early in a cadet's career, for the development of those qualities of character and discipline implied in the mission of The Citadel as a military college - to produce The Citadel Whole Person with an alert mind and a sound body who has been taught high ideals such as honor, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism; who accepts the responsibilities which accompany leadership; and who has sufficient professional knowledge to take a place in our competitive world." To everyone else the 4th class system is knob year, and a knob is what you are for