The Illusion of Training | iHateTheUSMC
Recruiters often speak of the awesome training that Marines will receive during their enlistment. From cooks to admin clerks to LAV mechanics, Marines are said to be the best trained troops America has to offer. But wait a sec, doesn't the Corps have an extremely tight budget? Yes, and that tiny budget casts a ridiculously large shadow across advancement opportunities across the board. But, but, but aren't Marines really good at making the best of a bad situation and adapting and overcoming and all that? Well...yes and no. Yes, Marines are pretty good at working with a shoestring budget, but the Corps is not. Much like a college student, Marines can sustain themselves on booze and ramen. The Corps however, is one hell of an expensive date, and she don't put out, you do. But before I start bashing the Marine Corps for its horribly deficient training programs, I must first explain a little about the futility to certain types of training. There are many ways to try to "harden" a