The Highest Form of Flattery | iHateTheUSMC
My favorite comedians were always the guys that could do really good impressions, not of celebrities but of their friend, family member, or stranger with an odd, distinguishing trait. Whenever I was in trouble growing up, it was usually due to someone catching me mocking the shit out of them, as I have this tendency to forget how obnoxiously loud I can be. In the Marine Corps, this...talent turned on me. Cobra Gold was awesome, mostly. A month of skating on Foster in the same barracks as my best friend, followed by a month of living in an old Thai garbage dump, three days of liberty in Pattaya, and another few weeks of skating. The leadership was pretty relaxed, specifically the NCO's and lower Staff. Our First Sergeant was a very motivated man that gave many speeches. I usually disliked motivated DI types, but this guy could get almost anyone excited about being a Marine. He was, of course, a former Drill Instructor and spoke with a voice you could feel in your spine.