The Almost Officer: What Marine OCS is like and how I got dropped two weeks from graduation. Part 3 of 4 | iHateTheUSMC
After writing the first two articles in this series, I realized that my memories from OCS (and the USMC in general) are still pretty vivid. I'm going to hold off my actual experience (what led me to get dropped) until I can disassociate my personal feelings from the article. What I would like to present now are snapshots of different scenarios and people that I encountered in 8 weeks at Quantico. Names have been changed to protect people's anonymity. There are multiple "open forums" where leadership scenarios are given to the entire company to discuss how they would act. Since everyone is being evaluated at all times, there is someone in the back taking notes to see who says what. Because of this, candidates are basically expected to spew out moto-bullshit that involves mass punishments. One example went something like this: LCpl Schmuckatelli is on barracks duty and you, as OOD encounter him while making your rounds. LCpl Schmuckatelli reports his post and you notice him reading an