The Almost Officer: What Marine OCS is like and how I got dropped two weeks from graduation. Part 2 of 4 | iHateTheUSMC
At the time that I was selected to OCS, I was married to another Marine. Further complicating matters was that I was selected for ECP, not MECEP. MECEP marines check out of the unit on TAD, while ECP marines PCS out. Because I got PCS orders, I had to terminate my lease with military housing (within a very short amount of time). My ex-wife's command wanted to move her into their barracks. Thankfully, after a lot of discussion, they allowed us to get her an apartment off base. It was stressful enough being forced to move your family in under a month. It would have been even more stressful to have my young, good looking LCpl wife in a barracks full of horny male Marines from her command. I am not a jealous person, but they had brazenly sexually harassed her at work and even right in front of me. The last thing I wanted was to check out of my unit knowing that a whole command of thirsty fucks was waiting to pounce the minute I left the gate.As I was checking out/moving, I was also making